We’re getting active to beat Dementia

04 February 2019
Written By Kirstin Redding

If you’ve ever forgotten to turn off your hair straightener or keep forgetting a colleague’s name, imagine experiencing the same only countless times a day. It could be as simple as trying to cook toast for breakfast, but you can no longer remember how to use the toaster or forgetting to put a tea bag to make your tea – this is the daily life of someone diagnosed with Dementia.

Dementia is a collection of symptoms that are caused by disorders affecting the brain. It is not one specific disease. It affects thinking, behaviour and the ability to perform everyday tasks. Brain function is affected enough to interfere with the person’s normal social or working life.

At present there is no prevention or cure for most forms of dementia

Starting in 2004 as a small community event, the Memory Walk is now Dementia Australia’s biggest fundraising campaigns with approximately 50 events happening this year throughout Australia.

The Tradies’ Community Crew will be participating in the event with a month-long campaign to raise funds and awareness for Dementia Australia along with a group walking and jogging at the Canberra Memory Walk on Sunday 24 February.

All funds raised help Dementia Australia to provide vital support services, such as counselling, support groups, education to help family carers and professional training across ACT. These services reduce feelings of isolation and empower people living with dementia and those caring for them.

There are donation tins at each point of sale and at the club reception at The Dickson Tradies, or if you would like to join our Memory Walk Team, you can register online at memorywalk.com.au and join ‘Team Tradies’.

You can find more information about Dementia Australia at www.dementia.org.au and the Memory Walk at www.memorywalk.com.au.