The Woden Tradies closes its doors for the final time

08 January 2018
Written By Alison
It is with sadness that the Woden Tradesmen’s Union Club closed its doors for the last time on Sunday 7 January 2018.
The Board of Directors and Staff would like to take this final opportunity to thank you for your membership and patronage of the Woden Tradesmen’s Union Club.
We appreciate the enjoyment our members have gained from visiting the club and we also understand the heartache and disappointment which many members will feel about the club closing.
Woden Tradesmen’s Union Club has been a member of Canberra’s club community for over 40 years and the club is able to look back over a proud record of achievement and 
contribution to the local community over this time.
We look forward to seeing you in the future at The Dickson Tradies.