“Therapeutic” knitting on Wednesdays

08 August 2018
Written By Susan Fallon

Every Wednesday one corner of The Dickson Tradies is buzzing with laughter and activity – usually noon to 3pm – when the knitting group meets. The ladies in this informal gathering meet to chat, have lunch or a coffee and knit up a storm. All are passionate about their craft and judging by the lively chatter this is therapeutic for everyone on many levels.

The members, aged 28 to 88 on the day I met them, knit or crochet together for several hours and their number fluctuates from week to week as they come along whenever it suits them.

They are making any number of articles but at this time of year it is largely winter wear such as blankets, gloves, beanies, scarves, cardigans and novelty items, many using acrylic, some using wool and others using fantastical yarns.

Some members knit for charity such as the Canberra Hospital, while others knit for charity some of the time, and others knit for themselves. Anything goes! The sole criterion is that you enjoy knitting or crocheting - and a good chat while doing it!

The group has been going for eight years, with Vicki Young, Judy Howkins and Althea O’Rourke being among the foundation members who are still active in the group. Anyone in the group is happy to share their skills and while I was there one member was happily imparting her knowledge of crochet stitches.

The ladies want you to know the group is free to attend and anyone is welcome to turn up any Wednesday between noon and 3pm, with your knitting or crocheting, to see if you like it.

Also, the charity knitters are happy accept any yarns (acrylic is fine) at all, so just drop the yarn off at the club reception and your yarn will be passed on and used for a good cause!